Membership Requirements

Membership registration is possible only for those who are currently operating or preparing an on/offline store.

Approval Requirements

After submitting the required documents such as business registration certificate and business passbook. If you are approved to join as a URBAN24 member, you can access the OFFER LIST. And Download Materials.

How To Apply For AGENT

If you are a member who wants to join as an agent, let us know when you sign up. And we will send you an email.


It is a method of ordering in advance by setting a period of 6 months to 1 year in the order season. The product confirmation rate is high, and you can plan and sell in advance. It has the advantage of being able to pre- order bulk orders, products with a high seasonal exhaustion rate, products that are hard to find , and steady sellers.

These are the types of offers that only URBAN24 can provide, such as brand discounts, store inventory, and agent offers.

This is a method of preparing stocks that can be ordered within one to three months of branded products. This includes classic items that can be ordered in any season. It has the advantage of being able to order the desired product immediately depending on the inventory situation of the brand, but in most cases, it is necessary to proceed quickly because the stock runs out quickly.


Please fill out the order form after checking the offer of the brand you want. (Minimum $5000 or more)

When the order is confirmed, we will contact you after processing with the brand. After confirming the final order, if you pay 30% of the total amount in advance, we will proceed with the order.

When the product is received, it is prepared for delivery to Korea after inspecting the quantity and condition.

When you receive the payment completion notice, please pay the remaining amount. Once payment is confirmed, delivery to Korea will begin.

After arriving in Korea, the product can be delivered through customs clearance.